Camdenton R3 School District

School Name:  Camdenton R3 Schools

School Location:  Camdenton, MO

School Mascot:  Lakers

Platinum Member Since:  2020

KHS Brands Used:  Jupiter

About the Program:  Since 2013, the Camdenton Band has been a consistent finalist at Bands of America Regionals.  In 2018, The Camdenton Band was a BOA Grand National Semi-finalist.  In 2017 and 2019, they were BOA St. Louis Super Regional Finalist.  In recent history, this Band has performed in Texas, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Washington DC, and Missouri

“We have been playing Jupiter Quantum Marching Brass since 2011.  The price fits our budget which is a major plus in today’s cost conscience public schools.”

-Paul Baur