Being “Banded” is about the life of musicians, music educators, and the people that touched their lives through music and how being in band has shaped their lives. There is a common bond that “bands” people together through music, and this mutual ground is shared among musicians, music educators and parents.

Everyone has a unique and interesting story to tell about the life of being a musician and we want to hear YOUR story!


Why is it Important?

Being involved in music creates many experiences that only someone else involved in music would understand. Creating a place for everyone to tell their stories allows for these common values and experiences to be shared. The sharing of these stories demonstrate just how incredible it is to be involved in music no matter who you are or where you are from.  This will continue to demonstrate just how important a role music plays in society.


Why is it Different?

Jupiter aligns its values with the roles of musicians, teachers and parents.  We recognize that there are a number of great qualities worth embracing when involved in music and that it’s important to offer a place where these quality experiences can be shared.  In order to better serve everyone involved in music and education, sharing these stories with everyone, as well as with Jupiter will only enhance our awareness of the impact music is having on anyone involved.


Tell us Your Story….

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