Bobcat Marching Band

School Name:  Hempstead High School

School Location:  Hempstead, TX

School Mascot:  Bobcats

Platinum Member Since:  2019

KHS Brands Used:  Jupiter, Mapex, Majestic

About the Program:  The Hempstead Bobcat band is a small 52 member program in Hempstead Texas. The band competed in all Texas UIL music competitions. The band has received excellent and superior rating in marching, concert band and/or solo ensemble.

“We started using Mapex drum and Majestic mallets last school year. They were a great choice of instruments for the budget we had to purchase new instruments. The quality was excellent and we expect to use them for many years. The Jupiter brass and woodwind instruments were in the school when I arrived in 2010 and had been there for 5 years at that time. We have used them for the past 9 years and there are holding up great with regular maintenance. “

-Ronald Walker