Leader of the Band

The leader of the band is tired

And his eyes are growing old

But his blood runs through my instrument

And his song is in my soul My life has been a poor attempt

To imitate the man

I’m just a living legacy

To the leader of the band

– Dan Fogelberg, Leader of the Band

If you don’t know this song or the artist who wrote it, you should.

In 1981 Dan Fogelberg wrote a musical tribute to his band director father that shot all the way to number one on the Billboard Music Chart. Through his poignant lyrics and soulful melody, Leader of the Band spoke in a powerful way to this crazy profession and the impact it has on people. The song and sentiment are truly touching and although the he wrote it for his father, it could have just as easily been written for you. Your life and legacy live on through every student that passes through your program. Through your teaching you provide students with more than music lessons, you give them life lessons. This tribute song reminds us that teaching music is so much more than a profession and it can be accompanied by as much sacrifice and pain as joy and fulfillment. Music education is a calling, one that chooses us as much as we choose it. In the coming days and weeks your students will leave you. Some of them forever, but that does not mean that you are gone from their hearts and minds. In part, they are a living legacy to THEIR leader of the band. But before they go, perhaps you could close the door of your office, take a break, sit back, and listen as Dan Fogelberg reminds us of the power of the Leader of the Band.

About the Author

For over a decade SCOTT LANG has been educating and entertaining audiences of all ages. As a nationally known leadership trainer, Scott conducts over 120 workshops annually and works with some of our countries best educational groups.  As a highly decorated veteran teacher of sixteen years Scott’s bands have had many notable performances including the Pasadena Tournament of Rose Parade, the Fiesta Bowl National Band Championship, the Music Educators National Biennial Conference and for the President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton.  Scott is a well know author with over ten publications to his credit including; Seriously?!, Leader of the Band, Leadership Success, Leadership Travel Guide, Leadership Survival Guide and the highly successful Be Part of the Band series.  Mr. Lang currently resides in Chandler, Arizona with his beautiful wife Leah and their sons, Brayden, Evan and their highly irrational Golden Retriever Rexie. He has breathed in and out approximately 264 million times and plans to keep on doing so until he doubles that number.  Visit www.bepartoftheband.com

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