Mission Oak Hawks Marching Band

School Name:  Mission Oak High School

School Location:  Tulare, CA

School Mascot:  Hawks

Platinum Member Since:  2024

KHS Brands Used:  Jupiter, XO

About the Program:  Established in 2008, Mission Oak High School Marching Band and Color Guard, led by Mr. William H. Ingram and guided by Mr. Calvin D. Carr, is a musical powerhouse.

**Awards and Achievements:**
The band’s impressive track record includes a one-time SJVCGPR percussion champion. They proudly hold the titles of a two-time SVWAA Winterguard Champion and a two-time SVWAA Winter Percussion champion, showcasing excellence in color guard and percussion arts.

**Concert and Jazz Ensembles:**
Mission Oak’s ensembles consistently earn acclaim, with a significant 2023 milestone: the concert band’s first superior rating at the Fresno Concert City College Festival, testament to their dedication and musical growth.

**Competitions and Future Aspirations:**
Actively participating in CSBC and WBA competitions, the Marching Band pursues continuous growth, with aspirations to expand into BOA competitions, challenging themselves nationally.

**Legacy and Directors:**
Since inception, the band’s musical journey evolved under directors. Mr. William H. Ingram laid the foundation for excellence, and Mr. Calvin D. Carr continues to shape the band’s identity, fostering a passion for music among students.

In a decade, Mission Oak High School Marching Band and Color Guard carved a niche as a beacon of musical achievement, a source of pride for the school and community.

“Mission Oak High School proudly chooses Jupiter and XO instruments for their exceptional quality and unparalleled tone. Inspired by DCI corps like the Mandarins, Golden Empire, and the Academy, we find these instruments crucial for a unified sound. Their commitment aligns with our musical goals, making them ideal. The reliability and precision elevate our performances, allowing our musicians to express talent and passion fully.”

-Calvin Carr