The fastest way for us to progress is to spend the majority of our time working on the things that don’t sound very good. Ideally, we should spend 80% of our practice time on the 20% of our playing that is the weakest. If we do, we will make enormous strides in our development, whether beginner or professional. The most difficult part of accepting this is that it means that 80% of the time, we’re going to sound ROTTEN! This is because we are facing the problems that need to be faced, rather than playing the things we can already play. To avoid getting frustrated, spend the remaining 20% of your practice time playing things just for fun.

Obviously, this book is intended to help you advance more quickly and efficiently. If you follow the steps in this book, you will end up spending 80% of your time on the areas of your playing that most need it.

BUT DON’T FORGET THE OTHER 20%! You should ABSOLUTELY set aside time to play for the sheer enjoyment of playing. Play your favorite solos, show off, noodle around, improvise, and play along with your favorite tunes. Get together with friends and jam; use your computer to create your own music. HAVE FUN! This is the reward for your hard work, the dessert at the end of your nutritious meal.

About the Author

LANCE LADUKE is internationally known as an educator, performer and creator. He teaches at Carnegie Mellon University as Artist Lecturer in Euphonium, Freshman Advisor and Coordinator of Special and Creative Projects. Lance teaches business, marketing and communications as part of the CMU Music Entrepreneurship Program, coaches and mentors a variety of chamber ensembles and is also Adjunct Professor of Euphonium at Duquesne University. Lance was a member of Boston Brass and the US Air Force Band in Washington DC, has performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra and currently plays with the River City Brass. He has taught and/or given master classes at some of the world’s finest conservatories, including Juilliard, the Royal Academy of Music in London and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Lance co-wrote and produced “Band Blast Off,” a highly successful band recruiting DVD and maintains an active speaking career, sharing his thoughts on practice, leadership, and self-development. His wildly successful book, “Music Practice Coach, Five Workouts to Get the Most Out of Your Practice Time!” is available as a free PDF at Lance is an Educational Ambassador for Jupiter Band Instruments.

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