Ralls Jackrabbit Band

School Name:  Ralls ISD

School Location:  Ralls, TX

School Mascot:  Jackrabbit

Platinum Member Since:  2021

KHS Brands Used:  Jupiter, Majestic

About the Program: The Ralls Jackrabbit Band is located in the small town of Ralls in the West Texas Panhandle. The Ralls band program serves students from grades 5-12. Within the past several years the Ralls band program has seen a vast improvement in student growth as well as awards and recognition such as Area Marching Finalist 2018, 2020, 1st Sweepstakes in 38 years 2018-2019. 4th place at State in the ATSSB Outstanding Performance Series, and a large increase in individual student success in Solo and Ensemble, All Region Band, Honor Band, and All State Band. Along with our success within the past seven years, we have also seen record increase in student enrollment throughout the entire school district.

“Jupiter has always served my program very well over the past seven years. As we began looking to add more quality instruments to our inventory, I play tested many different instrument brands and found Jupiter to be among the best quality and durability for my band program. The addition of higher quality instruments has allowed our band program to achieve awards and recognition not seen in our school for nearly 36 years.”

-Kenneth Walker