Redwood Ranger Marching Band and Color Guard

School Name:  Redwood High School

School Location:  Visalia, CA

School Mascot:  Mr. Ranger

Platinum Member Since:  2023

KHS Brands Used:  Jupiter, XO

About the Program:  The Instrumental Music Program at Redwood High School from Visalia, CA has a long history of success and musical excellence. It is our goal to shape positive attitudes, instill work ethic, and create a sense of family and community at school. Many musicians from our Instrumental Music Program graduate with honors and continue in university programs across the state as well as many universities throughout the United States. Students participating in instrumental music at Redwood have the opportunity to grow musically, compete in major state level competitions, be an ambassador for the school, make friends and travel across our great state of California. The band experience instills values that go far beyond the classroom such as discipline, cooperation, leadership and teamwork. Our students set high goals and put forth great focus and effort at every practice and performance.

“Jupiter and XO provide high quality instruments at a price point where I can outfit my entire band program. The quality of the XO instruments in particular has been a big boost to our overall band sound.”

-Jordan Ray