Singing was my first musical love, and piano playing soon followed.  It was only natural for me to join both band & chorus in 5th grade. My small school had an enthusiastic music director, and his encouragement kept me in marching, concert, & jazz/pep band through high school. I didn’t originally plan to play music at EIU, but after I got some info on the marching band, I thought, what the heck?

Going from my high school band of about 50 to one of over 200 was a rat…an intimidating experience, but I was quickly welcomed into the fold by EIU’s veteran members. I went on to join the concert band and symphonic wind ensemble, allowing me to play music more interesting and challenging than I ever imagined I’d have the chance or ability to play.

Even though I majored in English, my involvement in music (and Tau Beta Sigma) brought me my most lasting friendships from college and some of my most memorable experiences. The exposure I had to multifaceted types of people, music, and playing instilled in me a deep love of music that continues.

And now my son plays trombone, and my daughter sings and plays piano. So the beat goes on.

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