Those of you who know me know that for all of my efforts to be an optimist, I am a card-carrying pessimist at heart. I hate it, but it’s true. However, I’ve gotten much better as I age. How? By simply remembering an amazing anonymous phrase: “People who wonder whether the glass is half empty or half full are missing the point. The glass is refillable.” So the next time you reach for that negative pessimism – and if you’re like me, there will be a next time! – remember that glass is refillable. So whether it’s half empty or half full really might not matter. Often, it’s how we decide to “refill” the glass that will make all the difference.

Peter Loel Boonshaft, Director of Education
KHS America

About the Author

Dr. Boonshaft, Director of Education for KHS America, is the author of the critically acclaimed best-selling books Teaching Music with Passion, Teaching Music with Purpose, and Teaching Music with Promise. He was honored by the National Association for Music Education and Music For All as the first recipient of the “George M. Parks Award for Leadership in Music Education.” Dr. Boonshaft was selected for the Center for Scholarly Research and Academic Excellence at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY, where he is Professor Emeritus of Music.