Monticello High School Band

School Name:  Monticello High School

School Location:  Monticello, NY

School Mascot:  Panthers

Platinum Member Since:  2023

KHS Brands Used:  Jupiter, Majestic

About the Program:  The Monticello Performing Arts Department serves all students in the southeastern part of Sullivan County, NY.  Performing programs include Band, Orchestra, Chorus, and Dance.  In addition to age-appropriate classroom music instruction, Monticello has a thriving harmonizing instrument program of piano and guitar, as well as an elective Chamber Music program in the High School.

“Jupiter instruments help students achieve a mature sound with comfortable 
and proper hand positioning, while still being well built and 
reliable. They are great instruments for beginning and intermediate students, while not holding them back as they grow and mature.”

-Andrew Verdino