Ridgeview High School Band

School Name:  Ridgeview High School

School Location:  Clintwood, VA

School Mascot:  Wolfpack

Platinum Member Since:  2021

KHS Brands Used:  Jupiter, Mapex, Majestic

About the Program:  The Ridgeview High School Band program is a relatively young program. Back in the early to mid-2000’s, the band programs in Dickenson County, VA were shutdown due to various reasons. Then in 2009, Dickenson County decided to restart the band programs. However, Dickenson County was not new to band. In the late 1970’s and early 80’s, the bands in the county were very strong. However due to the economies dying down and different situations, the band programs grew weaker and weaker over time.

Then in 2015, the former county high schools (Clintwood, Haysi, and Ervinton) consolidated to form Ridgeview High School. It was then that the band program finally had the opportunity to truly rebuild.

Again, 2015 was the year that the Ridgeview Band Program had formed. In 2016, uniforms were acquired for the band. Then in 2017, the band went to their first band contest in exhibition performance. In 2018, the Ridgeview Band competed for the first time and received the Bob Priest Audience Choice Award for Outstanding Band at the Lonesome Pine Band Festival in Wise, VA. Then in 2019 (my first year as Director), the band competed at 3 band contests and was Audience Choice Award winner at the McChesney Band Festival in Big Stone Gap, VA.

Currently, the band is planning on competing at 4 band contests for the Fall 2021 season.

“Ever since I student taught, I was impressed with Majestic Percussion and wanted my bands to use KHS products. Then when I worked at a previous school, we had Jupiter Sousaphones. I again was very impressed with the sousaphones.

It was then that I wanted to continue using KHS products at future schools. Since 2019 I have been at Ridgeview. And something that I wanted to ensure was that our band had KHS products. Thankfully, we now have Jupiter, Majestic, and Mapex Instruments!”

-Jonathan McCullough